Mission Statement

My road has been hard, my journey filled with pain and hardship, alone it has been filled with suffering and endless misery.

“We all suffer for a reason.”

My journey is hard because I am tough. I can bear this burden and keep moving forward. For that reason, I was chosen to travel this harsh and unforgiving path. I was sent here to be the one who clears a path and lights the road for the rest of those who struggle behind me. I had no one to hold my hand, to explain the harsh realities of life, no one to share the burden of this struggle. I had no one to stand beside me with a confident smile and tell me “you are not alone!”

So here I am. Holding the torch to light the way, I have stumbled upon the roots and rocks, I have fallen into the pitfalls and sinkholes that hazard this path we’re forced to walk, and because of this, I have cleared away those roots and rocks, I have placed warning signs and even made bridges over some of the avoidable pitfalls and sinkholes!

I believe it is my life’s purpose to assist those just approaching these hardships. Not because you aren’t strong and can’t do it, but because I have already been there, and can teach the lessons instead of watching others suffer as I had too. You aren’t weak to not be able to travel these roads alone! Oh no! Never think yourself weak! You are capable of doing anything and everything you put your mind too! But why learn a harsh lesson that someone else is willing to teach you painlessly? My purpose is to share my pain, my struggles and my journey!

Even if you don’t suffer the same path, maybe someone you know does? Maybe later in life you will find yourself facing similar trials that I have already overcome. My life is mean as a guiding stone to show that there is hope and there are alternatives to search for that don’t include destructive habits such as drug abuse, alcoholism and suicide.

If I help even one soul to see life in a better light, than my heart will be glad for it!

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